Rudra Yagnam

Yagna or Yaga, the ritual offering is usually called is a ritual of offering to the Supreme Deity. The Yagas as performed both for personal welfare and or for the welfare of the society in general. Yagnas or Yagams are of different types like Nithya (regular - mandatory), Naimittika (Occasional - Optional). Nearly 400 varieties of Yagnas are mentioned in Vedic Literature, out of which 21 are considered to be mandatory. These 21 are called Nithya (Regular – Mandatory) and the remaining are Naimittika (Occasional- Optional).

For pleasing the Supreme Deity, the Ancestors of family and to please the fellow creatures in the universe along with us, the Yagnas or the Yagas are categorized as Brahma Yagna, Deva Yagna, Pitru Yagna, Manushya Yagna and Bhuta Yagna.

In the present day scenario finding a right priest for performing any yagna or yaga became a tedious task along with being a costly affair. Being struck by these along with other obstacles, many even being interested in performing Yagna or Yagas, are being unable to do so. SGVRF is offering its services to fulfill the wishes of the interested to perform Yagna or Yaga on a specific day like your birth day, marriage anniversary, for better health of elders or near and dear, memorial days etc.

Rudra Yagam, Ekadasa Rudra Yagam, Sahasra Rudra Yagam, Chandi Yagam, Sata Chandi Yagam, Ayushya Homam etc., are few among the Yagas being performed at SGVRF.