Swamiji's Mission :

Swamiji’s mission is
To preach the downloading of cosmic energy for self and universal purpose
To preach Rishi Omkar, the Cosmic Swish, for self-realization.
To provide low cost houses to rural poor who are below poverty line
To establish Yoga, Vedic and Rural Technology University.
To provide safe Drinking water in the tribal and rural areas.
To promote health care through ancient Medical Sciences.
To provide and enlighten the sanitary systems in tribal and backward villages
To initiate and maintain Veda Patasalas.
To run old age homes, orphanages, Rehabilitation centers for disabled and destitute.
To promote free adult and primary education in tribal and rural areas.
To organize women empowerment centers particularly in the tribal areas
To run Poor Feedings Centers.
To perform Yagas for World Peace.
To conduct Vedic and Spiritual discourses.
To conduct seminars, workshops to enlighten paths for self-reliance
To renovate ancient deteriorated temples.
To promote religious and cultural activities.