About Shree Giri Vedic Research Foundation :

In 1991. this foundation was established with the objective of developing the spiritual. social. and economic aspects of the lives of people living in rural and remote tribal areas. through education and health care and upllfts them from the clutches of hunger and poverty.

The Foundation:

Conducted Datthatrega Yagam and Kumhumarchana at Bhlmavaram. India.
Conducted discourses on qita to promote spiritual idealism among the people.
Started a school in Nagahuni Thanda near Nagarjuna Sagar to educate tribal children. Arranged Free clothes. Food. and books for the tribal chlldren.
Conducted Dattatrega Yagam at quntur. Andhra Pradesh. India in 1992.
Started evening adult education classes.
Conducted Chandi Yagam at sree sallam and a gagam at Yettipothaia.
Organized seminars to address social issues such as prohibition and population growth.
started a school in a tribal village. Battu Venhanna Bhavi Thanda. Naigonda District. Andhra Pradesh to provide value-based education to tribal children.
Sponsored 'Kotl Rudra Yagam’ at srlsallam in 1994. Prevlouslg. such a Yagam was conducted Four hundred gears ago.
Organisation conducting Agurvedlc Health Camps at different parts of Andhra Pradesh.
Adopted 25 Tribal Villages in Andhra Pradesh doing regular Agurvedlc Health Centres.
We got a land of 360 acre near Albanl (USA) submitted the plans for Development of Ashram and Health Resort.