The Universe is full of energy. The Chetana (dynamism) is spread over abundantly over each nook and corner of the universe. Linking ourselves with this infinite dynamism needs a special training. Ancient Seers of this great country devised a system called Yoga for this very purpose. Yoga, in Sanskrit denotes Union. Healthy body and sound mind will give a peaceful life. Knowing this truth, the seers and sages in India formulated Yoga as one of the ways to uplift the soul from the mortal plains.

Though Yoga is a term used for the combination of devotion and physical activity, in the present day context we are using this term Yoga only for the physical activity like Asanas, Pranayamas etc. It is being used for an all-round physical, mental and spiritual health.

From the Pre-Vedic times, being in practice, by all the Indian religions Yoga was accepted in one or the other forms for meditation and for purification of the soul. Introduced by Yoga Gurus of India, Yoga entered and spread across the Western World today.

Yoga is practiced to perfect the energy flowing through different chakras, or the power points, in the body. Though the final target of the Yoga is to attain liberation, it, irrespective of the religious believes, encourages the physical, mental and spiritual health.

While following a conventional, old method of practicing Yoga encourages the physical, mental and spiritual health, estimate the impact of a method wherein Yoga is practiced with Divine Vibrations. Cosmic Dhara, the process of uniting with the divine energy or downloading the divine energy, formulated by H.H. Viswanatha Swamiji is a powerful combination of doctrine of the process of uniting with the devine power as in plus seen by the seers.And the simplicity of the modern life. As part of ViswaChetana, Cosmic Dhara is placed at the next stage of Cosmic Swish.

Simple in style, easy to everyone, Cosmic Dhara, not only enriches the physical, mental and spiritual health, but also makes one to experience his presence as part of the unending divine creation of the Supreme Lord. Cosmic Dhara is next step of Cosmic Swish, the unique way of chanting the Divine Hum. Once learnt, Cosmic Dhara proves to be real friend to one and all in the times of physical, mental and spiritual turbulences.