Cosmic Swish

In the technologically advanced present times we are living in an age of rat race. Everybody is after achieving everything for the happy cool life. He/she is getting success, prosperity though endeavor, but in course of time are facing several hardships both professionally, personally and mentally. In the reverse our ancestors who lived in a less advanced age lived happily without there being any stress or tension in the lives. What is the secret behind their happiness and what is the curse we are facing?

The answer lies in a simple line that they had God in their lives and we have career in ours. This raises a question- will God play a role in our lives?. Yes, he plays. The different theories in different religions may propose different paths to have Him in our lives, but ultimately they all end up with joining him.

We, in the present day life style, may not spend such time as our ancestors gave for religious activities, may not celebrate the religious rituals as they performed, may not observe fasting on given occasions. Our time-fixed programs, clock race events, aspirations to raise high, may not permit us to spend time in religious activities. Does that mean that we have no means to have peace of mind?

No, we have a way now. The Cosmic Swish, the Divine Echo “OM” is there for us. OM, are you joking? No, it’s not a joke. The Divine Hum “OM” is the key to win over the mithya, the falsehood or the ignorance. When a simple chanting of OM can make us winners over the ignorance, think about the impact of chanting OM in association of sacred postures and guided by a Divine Soul. Colossal the charm will be, Enormous the power will be.

H.H. Viswanatha Swamiji has initiated research in increasing the power of chanting Om with lesser time spells and after a countless trials, formulated a method called Cosmic Swish. The Cosmic Swish, is a combination of chanting Om with few prescribed postures. The Cosmic Swish, practiced regularly, will not only reduce the taxing mental burden we unnecessarily bear upon us, but also nurtures the positive outlook towards the others around us. The vibrations caused by the Cosmic Swish practice, clears the all the mithya within us, be it the cunning false self-pride, or the false satisfactions we give to ourselves. It makes us rise above the physical and allows us to fly high in the Divine Ambience, the Cosmos. While we fly in this, we are near to God. More near to God, more pure and positive our lives are.

H.H. Viswanatha Swamiji has initiated is Cosmic Swish for one and all, irrespective of their caste, creed, race, color or nationality. Practicing Cosmic Swish is no way against any of the doctrine of any religious. It is religion-free practice to be one with the Divine Supreme Soul, our Creator, be with any name the religions give to Him.

Come, join us to learn the simple yet potent way of filling positive energy in us and to experience the nearness to God, the Creator.