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Om Namah Shivaya

Sreepada Venkata Viswanatha was born on the banks of sacred river Godavari, on April 29,1965, to the pious couple Rama Pattabhi and Satyavathi. Being from a devout Brahmin family, child Viswanatha, religiously and scrupulously followed all the religious customs. At the age of 26, in the year 1990, while Young Viswanatha was taking his regular ritual dip in the Holy River Godavari, Mother Goddess descended upon him and declared Viswanatha as the fifth incarnation of "GURU DATTATREYA", who is embodiment of the Holy Trinity, Brahma, Vishnu and Maheswara. Since then Viswanatha became a monk and took Sreepada Srivallabha Venkata Viswanatha Swamy as his Ashrama name. Being ordained by the Mother Goddess, he took divine path to establish peace and goodwill on earth. To achieve peace, happiness, to develop the energy levels in the human body and to restore the draining energies in the nature, H.H. Swamiji analyzed several ancient scriptures, researched and finally formulated one unique way of meditation called Viswa Chetana, which consists of Cosmic Swish™ the mediation, and Sakti Dhara™, the yogic method of downloading of Cosmic Energy.

The Hindu way of life promises eternal peace with oneself, both to believers and non-believers of the religious doctrines. In the days of yore, men used to penance and prayed to hear the voices of the universal force. Those who did hear, follow and execute the instructions of God were hailed as Sages or Prophets.

Guru, the teacher, is the torch that shows the true path, the force which removes Agnana (Ignorance) and reveals Jnana (Enlightenment). So, remember that whatever be the religion you believe in, you should aspire to merge with the universal force and through it, establish peace and goodwill on earth. Let us together today, pray to the Supreme Lord and invoke his blessings to guide us on the right path to peace and happiness. Let us practice Universal Brotherhood, Universal Love to lead happy and prosperous universal family and universal religion under the auspicious umbrella of Universal Force. May peace and joy be yours today and ever.

Swamiji's Community Services :

H.H. Swamiji started seven schools and three health centers in different parts of India. Using His Touch healing, Swamiji cured several patients who were suffering from cancer, asthma and similar critical diseases. Swamiji undertook some of the major community activities through Shree Giri Vedic Research Foundation.

Rural Housing Schemes - Construction of 1000 houses in Andhra Pradesh and 2000 houses in Arunachal Pradesh. These houses are based on ancestral architectural science with low cost and high technology. Government of India has extended partial financial assistance to these projects.

Building Centers - Impressed by Swamiji's social services in organizing seminars and workshops on poverty alleviation, Government of India has sponsored the Building Centers at Nagarjuna Sagar and Sri Giri Palle, Andhra Pradesh.

Drinking Water - Adopted 25 villages of Nalgonda District, Andhra Pradesh which are tribal villages facing acute water shortage. These villages are not easily accessible by road. Ministry of Non-Conventional Energy Resources, Government of India is supporting the project.

Education - Started seven schools and the students are provided with free food clothing, and medication. Another focus area is adult education by organizing classes to ladies and elderly people in ten villages in Andhra Pradesh.

Health - Identified twenty five villages which have no access to hospital and provided free Ayurvedic and Homeopathy medicines. Around thousand residents are benefited by this program. Family planning propagation is an integral part of this program.

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Swamiji’s mission is : To preach the downloading of cosmic energy for self and universal purpose, To preach Rishi Omkar, the Cosmic Swish, for self-realization...

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I have been meditating for about 30 years under the guidance of my initiating Master. About 15-20 years ago while meditating, I suddenly found myself in the presence of ...

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Whispering Thoughts




H.H. Swamiji, for the betterment of the lives of the commoners, through his vast research and experience, has formulated one unique way of practicing meditation, in order to get close to the Supreme Lord. This unique method is called ‘Viswa Chetana’.

We the people, irrespective of our nation, race or faith, are a part of this gigantic creation. The Creator not only created only our solar system, but also created innumerable such systems, in order to ever expand this creation. The space between the planets in the solar system and the space between the solar systems plays a vital role in transferring energy in the universe. As we read, the inter-galactic space, the inter-planetary space is vacuum, but a mine of everlasting, never-ending power bank. Viswa Chetana™ the unique method enables one to experience the cosmic energy and to download the same into the everyday life.

When one experiences and downloads the cosmetic energy, his or her life is full of magical energy which always yield positive results. H.H. Swamiji, ever kind to mankind, is teaching the unique Viswa Chetana™ to uplift one and all to rise above the earthly living. Till date, scores of people experienced this magical experience and are leading a successful and peaceful life.

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For a finer, smoother and happier life, a sound body is required as a strong will required. Each day the body, in its natural activity ...

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